Soft Skills in our lives

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soft skills and their importance in your career

Soft Skills and their importance in your career

We often hear about the importance of “soft skills” in our lives.

This is even more true in the business we do. Indeed be a technical expert is not enough for a consultant.

With each new mission, in addition to master the technical field, it must be part of a new team with a different culture. These communication skills, empathy, adaptability to change are tested each time.

Moreover equal skills, it is often the “softs skills” that will make the difference as explained in the following article.

For me, one of the most important skills to master is the adaptation to change. There are many books on the subject, but I advise you “Qui a piqué mon fromage “, fast, easy to read and fun.

When change is seen as an opportunity not a risk, the stress associated with this type of experience becomes positive. This is true in a work situation but also in private life.

The “softs skills” are I think very closely related to emotional intelligence is increasingly taken into account in organizations. Studies led by the Great Place To Work Institute also revealed a correlation between business performance and integration of employees.

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