• Ethereum front page

    Ethereum: Introduction to the blockchain

    Blockchain is a word that got really hyped in the last few months. Even more since IBM, Canonical and Samsung show their interest in it, and that solutions like Rubix or Ethereum were built. Behind this word, you may find a technology that could change society as Internet or Databases […]

  • Soft Skills in our lives

    We often hear about the importance of “soft skills” in our lives. This is even more true in the business we do. Indeed be a technical expert is not enough for a consultant. With each new mission, in addition to master the technical field, it must be part of a […]

  • #ShebangHero 004 – Timestamps, timestamps everywhere !

    Tired of typing date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S for your timestamps ? Make a function !

    Add it in your .profile or .*rc, and you will have a quick way to use timestamps everywhere !

  • #ShebangHero 006 – Turn hexadecimal chunks in text

    If you’re a normal human, you probably don’t know the full ASCII table. If you need to decode a text from hexadecimal, xxd is your friend !

  • #ShebangHero 005 – Fancy banners for all !

    FIGlet is a powerful tool to generate banners with style ! Even if you have no drawing skill. To list available fonts, type showfigfonts . You can use them as welcome message, signature, or just for fun !

  • Sticky: Google celebrate new StarWars

     New StarWars movie is coming soon (I hope you already know that …). To celebrate this event, google is asking you to choose your side … Have a look at and choose the right side of the force … Do you feel Dark or Light ? Then, when you have choosen […]

  • #ShebangHero 003 – Get ride of files starting with a dash

    A special option on most common commands is a double-dash -- . This option will tell to command to stop parsing further options. Any word after -- option will be used as an argument. This way, you can handle files starting with dash easily. It is also safer to use […]

  • #ShebangHero 007 – Strings will save the day !

    strings is a command that display printable characters from a binary file. It is very popular for forensic (and hacking as well) to reveal hidden strings like passwords or backdoor keys. It can also show hidden options or Easter eggs !

  • clock city building

    Is a six hours work day efficient?

    Following new studies about employees’ health and productivity, some town in Sweden have begun implementing a standard six hours work day. This shift is hard to imagine for many companies in other countries, especially when the economic perspectives are not very promising. The goal is to improve productivity with happy […]

  • Get ready for Devoxx 2015

    From the 9th to the 13rd November, the Devoxx conference will take place in Antwerpen in Belgium. Haven’t heard about it yet ? Lucky guys. Here is a brief introduction…   Well, it’s mainly about first class technical conferences where people can network and learn a lot a of things. […]