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From the 9th to the 13rd November, the Devoxx conference will take place in Antwerpen in Belgium.

Haven’t heard about it yet ? Lucky guys. Here is a brief introduction…


Well, it’s mainly about first class technical conferences where people can network and learn a lot a of things.

This year, more than 3500 people from 40 countries are going to meet there, and I am so excited to be a part of it.


Few words about the Schedule. It’s going to be the same formula that made previous years success :

  • Two « University» days  where people will take part on hands-on sessions alongside with experts.
  • Then, three days of « Conference », where about 200 speakers will hold one hour technical (but not exclusively) presentations.




This year, the conference title is « 20 Years of Java, just the beginning », so we expect to heard about… Java.

It will be interesting to see how this language is ranked nowadays against the recent enthusiasm of the developer community for JavaScript, and to try to get a picture of what it will be in the future.


Oh…if you are looking for things to visit during your stay, here are some stuff to do.

And last of all, keep in mind that you will be in Belgium, and there are plenty of beers specialties to try out.


To get more details about Devoxx 2015, you can visit

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