Monthly Archive: December 2015

  • #ShebangHero 004 – Timestamps, timestamps everywhere !

    Tired of typing date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S for your timestamps ? Make a function !

    Add it in your .profile or .*rc, and you will have a quick way to use timestamps everywhere !

  • #ShebangHero 006 – Turn hexadecimal chunks in text

    If you’re a normal human, you probably don’t know the full ASCII table. If you need to decode a text from hexadecimal, xxd is your friend !

  • #ShebangHero 005 – Fancy banners for all !

    FIGlet is a powerful tool to generate banners with style ! Even if you have no drawing skill. To list available fonts, type showfigfonts . You can use them as welcome message, signature, or just for fun !

  • Sticky: Google celebrate new StarWars

     New StarWars movie is coming soon (I hope you already know that …). To celebrate this event, google is asking you to choose your side … Have a look at and choose the right side of the force … Do you feel Dark or Light ? Then, when you have choosen […]

  • #ShebangHero 003 – Get ride of files starting with a dash

    A special option on most common commands is a double-dash -- . This option will tell to command to stop parsing further options. Any word after -- option will be used as an argument. This way, you can handle files starting with dash easily. It is also safer to use […]

  • #ShebangHero 007 – Strings will save the day !

    strings is a command that display printable characters from a binary file. It is very popular for forensic (and hacking as well) to reveal hidden strings like passwords or backdoor keys. It can also show hidden options or Easter eggs !