Monthly Archive: October 2015

  • Old and broken network

    IPv4 : now it’s done !

    Announced since dozen of years, the IPv4 address exhaustion is a reality now. ARIN, the North America Internet Registry, announced on September 24th there is no more address block to give out. On past years, Latin America (2014), Europe (2012) and Asia (2011) announced they ran out of IPv4 address. […]

  • #ShebangHero 001 – Create files in a quick way

    Using seq and xargs is a common trick to create huge amount of files !

  • #ShebangHero 002 – Show invisible characters

    Some UNIX tools do not like CR-LF end of line characters made in Microsoft. Using cat with -vet options, you can see them as ^M . Regular end of line will be displayed as $. To fix a “corrupted” file, have a look to fromdos (formerly dos2unix ).